Laserinks, Alejo Lopatin & Felix Larreta

Laserinks is a mixed techniques painting project that uses phosphorescent inks and pigments in the tradition of geometric abstraction, constructed through the superposition of paint and light layers. These paintings are the basis for the intervention and performatic course of this interactive work. Images and sounds are projected over the paintings in a dialogue with the forms multiplying and extending the painting, arising from a site-specific approach.

Together, artists Alejo Lopatin and Felix Larreta created the platform for a multiple experience, a space of blurred boundaries, redefined in real time and subject to the random evolution of the action. Laserinks is a creative epistolary model fruit of years of work and research. It is an invention that escapes the traditional molds of artistic classification, an innovative and contemporary experience that goes beyond established paradigms.

The space comprises ways of evolving in the art work for each spectator. In its evanescent and rhythmic forms, the viewer never remains static even though his body stands still. Stimulation is a form of transit, a path to experience intimately. Spectator’s body is captured by an attraction field, where retina, body and spirit gradually fuse and melt with the piece. The authors exploit pure forms’ sameness over narration and a closed, univocal discourse. Their work state its meaning through the multiple interleave layers, which conforms an abstract visual, musical, and spiritual narrative. An art delimited territory where time and space redefine its habitual function.

Laserinks is an interstice, a confluence zone of two artists’ creative synergy which poses collaborative procedures for development, interaction and dialog to create an experience where individualities merge to enhance their reach towards the infinite. It is the outcome of a collective creation and coexistence strategy which rules itself by aesthetic and emotional criteria.  

Maximo Jacoby, Art Curator, Member of AACA